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The Benefit of 800 Numbers

Jennifer Williams

Since you were a little kid you’ve probably been exposed to thousands of them: on TV, on the radio, on park benches, even on the sides of buses. I’m talking about 800 numbers. We all know them. In fact, you could probably name one (or sing one) off the top of your head right now.

That’s what makes 800 numbers so appealing! 800 numbers are easy to remember, and can often be incorporated into a company’s advertising campaign, whether in a memorable jingle, or in a catchy font on billboards or print advertising. Everyone has that one commercial they love to hate, simply because the 800 number gets stuck in their head. You really can’t beat that type of advertising!

Additionally, because the American public has grown so used to 800 numbers, they are always recognized as being toll-free, which helps drive more phone traffic to your business or company. No one will hesitate to call an 800 number, regardless of what type of phone they’re using, because they know they won’t be charged any long distance fees.

800 numbers have many fantastic benefits. They’re easier to remember than a typical phone number (and really, with cell phones who remembers phone numbers these days?); they make your company more accessible (and often times, more trusted and more likable); and they can lead to much more business coming in for your company (because if the phone ain’t ringing, that’s customers not calling you.)

Being easy to reach with an easy to remember number can do wonders for your business – and really gives you an edge over your competitors! FreedomVoice CloudNumber 800 numbers are offered with a 30-day free trial period so you can make sure we are the right fit, and you have the chance to explore the many ways we can help you grow.

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