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Customer Service Week Highlight

Jennifer Williams

We’re continuing our celebration of Customer Service week with another highlight of one of our STELLAR customer care representatives. By the way, this year’s Customer Service Week theme is Everyday Heroes™. The theme recognizes that frontline customer service professionals are heroes in their customers’ eyes – and in the rest of the company’s eyes as well!


George Lopez

Customer care representative George Lopez has worked at FreedomVoice for a year, and says his favorite part of helping customers is, “To hear that they are happy with the service that we provide.” He once worked with a customer to help integrate their phone system with a new program. It was a complicated process, but worth it because the customer was satisfied.

George’s favorite part about working with the FreedomVoice family is the unique working environment. He says, “It’s so different than other companies, at FreedomVoice we all care about each other.” Even the job interview was fun, says George. He thinks what makes FreedomVoice different from other companies is that FreedomVoice cares about the customers and that “we are here to make a difference.”

George likes to spend his spare time with his family and his hamster Willie. He also enjoys playing online games like World of Warcraft or League of Legends, and he likes to edit photos and videos. His favorite food is lasagna, and his favorite movie is “Pulp Fiction.”

Thanks to George and all of the outstanding customer care representatives at FreedomVoice. How are you celebrating customer service week?