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Do Moms Make Better Small Business Owners?

Jennifer Williams

Your mom took care of you growing up. She potty trained you, made you PB&J sandwiches, and even tolerated your angsty teen years. Now that you’re out of the house and starting your own small business venture, you may think the days of your mom taking care of you are over – but it turns out, she probably could show you a thing or two about running a company. In fact, here are a few reasons why your mom might actually make a better small business owner than you would. 

Hard Work: 

Running a small business, just like motherhood, is not a 9-5 job. She may not be working the entire 24 hours a day, but your mom is used to being available around the clock for any task – large or small. You’ve probably never worked as continuously hard as your mother has (for many, many years). Her long-established hard work and tenacity put her far ahead of you in the business game. 


As a small business owner you may have limited resources, and be forced to think a little outside of the box at times. You need to be creative. Like the sort of creativeness your mom exhibited in keeping three crazy kids entertained indoors on a rainy day.  


A good entrepreneur has the ability to motivate their staff, push their boundaries, and inspire them to grow. It requires a great amount of motivation to do these things, kind of like the motivation required to get your kid to eat broccoli, do their homework, or clean their rooms. 

Communication Skills: 

Have you ever tried having a conversation with a three year old? Mothers are able to pick up on all sorts of vocal cues, body language, and tones (as in, “Don’t take that tone with me, mister!”) If they can understand that their toddler wants a grilled cheese sandwich for lunch, they can most certainly communicate with the most passive aggressive of employees. 


A small business owner needs to have patience with their staff, vendors, customers – well, everybody. And mothers are the QUEENS of patience. If you want to know the level of patience your mom has, just try waiting for a small child to put their own shoes on. Then you’ll know how much more patience your mom probably has than you. 


When most people think of successful entrepreneurs or small business owners, perseverance is usually one of the key characteristics that comes to mind. But it takes a different kind of passion and perseverance to take care of a family while simultaneously performing a multitude of other tasks. Likewise, without incredible perseverance for the vision of your business, you won’t succeed – there are just too many other competing entrepreneurs that want it more than you do. Your mom may not have ever let on to you how hard it is actually being a mother, but her level of perseverance is definitely something you would want for yourself when running your small business. 

All of these different factors overwhelmingly contribute to the fact that your mom just might make a better small business owner than you. So what are you waiting for, hire her! And give her a HUGE raise!