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4 Ways to Engage Customers This Holiday Season

Jennifer Williams

The marathon has begun! With Thanksgiving and the month of December marking the start of the holiday season, it’s important to keep your customers engaged!  Customers are excited and your small business can contribute to that.  Making your customers (and potential customers) feel warm and welcome will not only help them get through the holiday season, but will help your business end the year on a good note!

Here are 4 Ways to Keep Customers Engaged this Holiday Season:

1. Keep customers coming back

Holiday shopping party or a charity toy drive? Host a special event or send them a special offer or promotion for the season.  This will not only bring customers back to your business, but it will give you the opportunity to show your customers who your business really is and get some valuable feedback from your business.  Whether you own a storefront or an online store, give them a reason to come back!

2. Host a social media contest

Social media is a powerful resource, especially for small businesses, so why not get your customers involved?  Run a social media contest!  A holiday social media contest can be simple; create a contest, select a timeframe and post, post, post!  Need some ideas? Most creative holiday photo or a photo/post of customers using your products or sharing about their experience.  Not only will this help build your social media presence, but everyone loves a little friendly competition, right?

3.  Get Personal

Adding personal touches to your product can really help your customers feel important and welcome.  Offer personalized products, an email with their a name and an experience you may have had with them or simply write them a little note on their receipt.

Also, make the effort to get to know your customer; engage in conversation! Asking them about their lives and hobbies can really help you get to know them.  It’s important to remember this information too!  Create customer profiles or create a little log with details about each customer….some may even be pleasantly shocked that you remembered!

4. Send a holiday card

Send your customers (and even potential customers) a holiday card.  Take a festive photo of your staff and include information about your business, employees and etc.  This is a great opportunity to show off your team, your business and even an opportunity just to simply say thank you for your support!  Camera shy? Send a card!

The holiday season is one of the most exciting, (and even the most stressful) time of the year.  It’s important that your small business takes advantage of this lively time and show your past, current and potential customers and the community who your business is.  So get excited, follow these tips and get your customers engaged this holiday season!