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Celebrating National Entrepreneurship Month (& How You Can Participate!)

Jennifer Williams

Entrepreneurship MonthOn October 29, 2015, President Barrack Obama declared November as National Entrepreneurship Month (NEM)!  President Obama proclaimed it as a time to “celebrate the remarkable and everyday successes of our entrepreneurs and innovators, and we reaffirm our commitment to ensuring our economy remains the engine and the envy of the world.”

NEM is a month that is designed to celebrate all of the hard working men and women who have “turned their dreams into realities” and started their own businesses!  This month not only celebrates entrepreneurs, but supports the initiative of promoting business, innovation and learning!

This November there are many activities and ways you can get involved and support these ideals!

First, let’s start with marking our calendars!

November 17-23: Global Entrepreneurship Week

During this week, recognize and celebrate entrepreneurs all over the world!

November 19: Global Women’s Entrepreneurship’ Day

On this day, celebrate all of the brave females in the business industry!

November 29: Small Business Saturday

Go out and support your small, local businesses!  Check your local business bureau for deals and promotions businesses in your area may be having!

Looking for other ways to get involved in National Entrepreneurship Month? We’ve got you covered!  Here are 4 things you can do to support NEM:

Be a mentor: Pay it forward and share your story, advice and tips with someone looking to become an entrepreneur!  (You could be the reason they put their plan to action!)

Don’t know anyone looking to become an entrepreneur? Contact your alma mater or local high schools and colleges in your area, many schools have mentor programs you could become a part of!

2. Show your support: Support other entrepreneurs and their efforts by either recommending or using their services.

Look to see if your town or city has a local business bureau or entrepreneur organization you can join.  Also, check out websites such as Kickstarter, Indiegogo,  Smallknot and GoDaddy’s newest app, Flare — a social network that connects entrepreneurs to fellow entrepreneurs, potential consumers, investors and experts and creates community around new ideas.! 

3. Give thanks: Thank all of those who have helped you get to the point you are at today, whether it be a mentor, your employees, loyal customers, family and friends!

And last but not least……

4. Be proud of yourself!

Look at how far you have come! (Give yourself a pat on the back and treat yourself-- you deserve it!)

 We hope you take this November and celebrate National Entrepreneurs Month!