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FreedomVoice Gift Guide for Entrepreneurs

Jennifer Williams

As the Voice of Small Business™, FreedomVoice is all about taking care of the entrepreneurs and small businesses that use our services – and that includes ensuring they get some awesome gifts for the holidays! Here are our picks for the top 10 gifts that are sure to make the solo-preneur, entrepreneur, startup founder, or small business owner in your life get down to business in 2016! 

  • External Battery – For most people, a dead smartphone or tablet is merely a small annoyance. But for a busy entrepreneur or small business owner on the go, it could be a major problem. A portable battery pack to keep your favorite business owner's devices fully charged will get a lot of use, and they come in a wide variety of types and styles to fit any price range. 
  • A Standing Desk – They say “sitting is the new smoking.” Or in other words, logging hours upon hours sitting at a computer could be causing serious health problems. Help the small business owner or entrepreneur in your life avoid these issues with a standing desk that allows them to comfortably stand while they do their work, and bypass the “smoking” dangers of this generation. 
  • Smartwatch – A smartwatch, like the Apple watch for example, can beam notifications from your smartphone right to your wrist, ensuring on-the-go entrepreneurs will never miss an important message, phone call or calendar alert – even if their phone is in their pocket or on silent during a meeting. 
  • A Personalized Business Phone Number – What business owner doesn’t dream of a business phone number that spells out exactly what they do? FreedomVoice offers an easy-to-use vanity toll-free number search tool that allows you to search by keyword for a toll-free number tailored to any specific business, thereby improving customer recall and boosting ad response for your favorite entrepreneur. 
  • Washable Keyboard – We’ve all had one of those terrible “uh oh” moments where we knock our coffee or tea all over our keyboards. Well, the Logitech washable keyboard is built to take a soaking and keep working. So a spilled beverage doesn’t mean a trip to the computer store. This keyboard is also great for those germaphobes in your life who desire a super clean office, all the way down to their keyboard. 
  • Mobile Hotspot – Dealing with sketchy hotel or airport Wi-Fi is a thing of the past with the creation of mobile hotspots. They provide a constant, secure Internet connection from anywhere, and can definitely come in handy for business owners who do a lot of traveling.  
  • The Tile Tracker – Entrepreneurs and small business owners already have enough on their minds, without the hassle of losing their phone or keys. With the Tile app, that special businessperson in your life never has to worry about losing these things again! Simply attach, stick, or place the Bluetooth Tiles inside everyday items and keep track of them with the Tile phone app. Total peace of mind in a 37mm square! 
  • Noise Cancelling Headphones – If the solo-preneur on your gift list works from home, from the coffee shop, or at a busy office, they need noise cancelling headphones. Because there’s nothing worse than almost reaching that moment of creative zen and being interrupted by the sweet sound of a lawnmower or the lady next to you arguing with her boyfriend on the phone. 
  • Power Nap Pillow – When all else fails, even the most powerful entrepreneur sometimes just needs a little nap – a power nap, if you will. The power nap pillow lets you cuddle your head and arms into a cozy “cocoon” and relax at your desk. When they awake from their power nap, your favorite entrepreneur will have a fresh take on their business strategy, guaranteed.