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Help! Nobody's Calling My 800 Number!


800 Number No CallsFrom time-to-time we have customers reach out to us for help with getting calls to their 800 number with us.

Not help setting up the service or troubleshooting a technical issue, but just getting calls period.  The phones simply aren't ringing, and that's a problem.

In our experience, getting more people to call you through your 800 number generally comes down to doing a handful of things to increase exposure and stimulate response.

1.  "Franks RedHot" Method - Put That !@*# on Everything

Your audience may interact with you and your brand in any number of places that it might not occur to you to put your 800 number.

The easy ones are obvious: front-and-center on your website, your business cards, and any company vehicles.  But what about other places your potential customers might see you?  LinkedIn and Facebook business pages, refrigerator magnets, postcards and flyers, handouts, invoices, contracts, your email signature, company newsletters and publications.  Think through anything and everything that carries your business name, and make sure your 800 number is right there with it.

Do you list other phone numbers, e.g. your cell, on your business cards or other places?  Stop.  Your 800 number is designed to be a "one-number solution" and if you want callers to call you on your 800 number primarily that's in your control!

2.  Tell Them Why They Should Bother

Why would your prospective customers call you in the first place?  What can they get by calling they couldn't get by visiting your website or sending you an email?

Whether it's a free consultation, special discount, or some other incentive, give your callers a reason to pick up that phone and connect.  And make it something they want to do now.  A limited-time offer, a special seasonal promotion ending soon, a limited quantity give-away.

Put yourself in your prospective customers' shoes - what would motivate you to call if you were them?

3.  Deliver on What You Promise

Getting them to call your 800 number is one thing - getting them to connect with you is another.  If you use an auto attendant with our service, make sure that welcoming message connects the dots with the reason they're calling.

If you offered a free consultation, they better hear some mention of how they get that consultation or they're as good as gone.  "Press 1 for Sales" doesn't cut it.  Instead try, "To get your risk-free, no obligation consultation press 1 now!".

Remember, your auto attendant greeting is yours to configure and re-record at any time.  Keep it up to date with your latest and greatest offers so callers don't disengage the moment they call in.

4.  Call Out with Your 800 Number

For our CloudNumber customers, a seamless upgrade to our CloudPhone service will not only give you the ability to make unlimited outbound business calls, but also to show on those calls your 800 number as your caller ID.

This service works from any WiFi-enabled device via the Bria softphone app or from professional business phones we offer.  And for a limited time, you can get your hands on those business phones absolutely free when you upgrade - to find out how give us a call at (800) 477-1477 ext. 2!

(See what we did there?)