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MORE Uses of Toll Free Numbers

Jennifer Williams

Last week I talked about some fun and clever ways to use toll free numbers – from using them to vote for reality TV stars to being a movie star (I’m looking at you, Bill Murray) to providing a little extra to fans of TV and movies. This week, I’ve come up with even MORE uses of toll free numbers!

Government Helplines

Most government services now utilize toll free number hotlines for providing assistance and information. From the DMV services to the Social Security Administration to your local elected official, you can get in touch with who you need by calling a toll free number. You can even call the IRS for help on your taxes using a toll free phone number.

Emergency Hotlines

Non-profit organizations and emergency hotlines both utilize toll free numbers to issue assistance to the public. Many non-profit organizations use toll free number helplines to assist in collecting donations and pledges via the phone. They also use their toll free numbers to help people find aid during emergency situations. It’s especially helpful to non-profits when they have an easy-to-remember vanity toll free number (which most do). The Salvation Army, Red Cross, AMVETS, and Goodwill Industries all use memorable toll free numbers.

Vanity Toll Free Numbers

In last week’s post, we included some of the most memorable vanity 800 numbers we’d heard of. Well, you can still be unforgettable, and have a great vanity number – without the 800. Here are some more easy-to-remember vanity toll free numbers:

  • 866-DODGERS (LA Dodgers tickets)
  • 866-EXPERTS (Heating & AC repair)
  • 877-CASH-NOW (JG Wentworth)
  • 877-OBEDIENCE (Dog Training)
  • 877-SPIRITS (Liquor delivery)
  • 888-AMC-4FUN (AMC Movie Theaters)
  • 888-BEST-BUY (Best Buy)
  • 888-IBM-HELP (IBM technical support)
  • 888-LETTUCE (Restaurant Hub)
  • 888-MY-GLOBE (The Boston Globe)

Promoting Your Business

I may be a little biased, but this my personal favorite use of a toll free number. Any business or company that ships or serves customers outside of their local geographic region should have a toll free number set up for customer contact. Toll free numbers offer your potential and returning customers with a free and convenient way to contact your business and they have been demonstrated to increase sales. Having a toll free number not only communicates to potential customers that you accept orders/do business outside of your local geographic area, but it signifies that you are an established company with the wherewithal to have a phone number, professional greeting, and extensions to answer and route your callers. Businesses of all sizes, franchises, corporations, shipping businesses, consultants, and solo-preneurs are all among those likely to need a toll free number.

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