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Toll Free Numbers

Jennifer Williams

Toll free numbers have become very commonplace in today’s business world due to the proven success they have provided to many entrepreneurs and companies. Toll free numbers offer your potential and returning customers with a free and convenient way to contact your business and have been demonstrated to increase sales.

According to the book, “Fundamentals of High-Technology Marketing: What Marketers Need to Know,” by Ira S. Kalb:

“On average, putting a toll-free number on all mailings, direct response ads, and collateral materials will boost response by 50 percent.”

Additionally, in Kalb’s book he cites a research study through Technical Assistance Research Programs (TARP) in which a customer service research firm in Washington D.C. found that:

         “86% of consumers believe 800 numbers on packages connote quality products.”

Toll free numbers are also nationwide, opening up your business to the entire USA rather than just the local community (because let’s face it, when faced with a familiar-looking toll free number or a random area code, you’re going to go with the toll free number).

Entrepreneurs and small business owners choose our toll free service - CloudNumber - because it helps them appear like larger, more professional businesses with features like an auto attendant, extensions, follow-me call forwarding, voicemail, custom hold music, and more.

The auto attendant greeting is the first impression your callers will get of your business and we want you to be able to welcome them in the manner best fitting your business. You can set it up however you want to direct callers to the proper extension (or you can even offer multiple options that all ring to the same extension). This conveys a more qualified professional image, and can give the perception that your company is bigger than it really is. Our Customer Care team is happy to help you script this message, and you can even call on our professional voice talents to make your recording in the style and tone of your choice for a small one-time fee.

You can get a toll free number with us for as low as $9.95 month, activated instantly online with no hardware to buy or software to install. That includes all the great features listed above, and more! Check out CloudNumber toll free number service today and start boosting your sales with a more professional business image!