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The Top 7 Apps Small Business Owners Should Have

Jennifer Williams

Let’s face it, almost everyone has a smartphone or tablet now a days!  Whether it’s an Android, iPhone or any other product, we all have access to these very helpful resources called apps!  Apps are changing the way people use their tablets and smartphones, from tools to games to services to ebooks--apps can do it all!  Apps make it possible for you to have access to resources without having to carry around your big computer all the time. You may even have an app for your small business! (Yes, our FreedomVoice and GoDaddy apps are great!)

There are thousands and thousands of apps available to you at your fingertips, so why not make apps work for your small business? 

There is an abundance of small business friendly apps that you can benefit from, (and some are even free!) We’ve compiled a list of some of the most useful small business friendly apps to help your small business succeed.

Here are the top 7 apps all small business owners should have: 

1.  GoDaddy Bookkeeping

GoDaddy’s Bookkeeping app keeps all of your small business finances in one place!  It is great for entering daily data imports from such as eBay, Etsy, PayPal, Amazon, Stripe, bank and credit cards without having to track single receipts and invoices!  This great app by GoDaddy allows you to create and send invoices, manage financial reports with easy to view formats and much more! 

2.  Appointment Plus

Need some help on scheduling/canceling meetings and sending out reminders? Appointment Plus is the app for you!  Appointment Plus makes it easy to schedule, modify or cancel appointments. It was also designed to save customer information and automatically send email and text reminders to you and meeting recipients. This app will save you some precious time! 

3. Dropbox

The days of it being a hassle of having to keep all of your files and documents in one place are over, thanks to Dropbox!  Dropbox gives you access to all of your files, documents, photos and much more whenever and wherever you want! It will automatically save your work and will allow you to work on projects simultaneously with your employees.  Did you forget your laptop on the train? No worries, Dropbox will not only give you access to your files on any device, but it will keep them safe as well! 

4.  Square

Gone are the days of people always paying with cash!  Nowadays people typically pay with credit and debit cards, which is why you need Square!  It’s an app that will send you a magstrip reader to attach to your smartphone device and will allow you to swipe all major credit cards then deposit the money the following business day at a low rate!  It will even send your customers receipts for their purchases on the spot, as well as input the credit card manually.  Square is great for those with food trucks and sell at roadshows and markets! 

5.  Flare

Looking to share and generate ideas business ideas? Then Flare is the app for you!  Flare is another great app brought to us by GoDaddy!  Flare was created to help entrepreneurs receive quick feedback on business ideas from fellow entrepreneurs, investors, mentors and experts.  The app is set-up similar to any social media platform in the way that you can connect with people, view blogs and feeds….and it’s free!

6.  Hootsuite

Social media marketing is extremely important and valuable to many businesses.  Hootsuite is a dashboard of all of your social media accounts in one place.  Going on vacation for a week and don’t want to be worried about social media posting? This app service allows you to schedule posts ahead of time, which gives you more time. Hootsuite also offers services such as real-time analytics and more….so go ahead, take that vacation! Hootsuite will make sure your posts are sent out on time! 

Yes, we saved the best for last…..

7. FreedomVoice

Our FreedomVoice app is essential to small business success!  Our easy to use app gives you the freedom (no pun intended!) to manage your small business phone system directly on your iPhone, iPad or Android device!  Our awesome app features 3-way calling, caller-ID, allows you to check messages on the go and much more! 

As small business owners, we know that our resources can be limited due to factors such as money, so why not take advantage of some of these amazing apps!  Time is precious and it’s important to stay organized and not only work hard, but work smart. 

So start exploring and downloading some new small business friendly apps and see how apps can work for your small business!