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Reliability Indeed

“FreedomVoice came highly recommended by an IT industry peer. From our initial contact with FreedomVoice, we have been very satisfied. As an IT solution provider, technical reliability is a normal consideration and we have yet to have any problems.

Consistency and professionalism in the areas of training, sales, marketing and pre/post-install support are the other important parts to a channel partner relationship. With FreedomVoice, we have had it all.”

Phil Bush, President, CMIT Solutions of Denver

“We chose Freedom Voice because we had experienced a long period of time with spotty performance from our previous vendor.  Since the change, we have not had 1 minute of down time, nor any telephone calls that were not 100% crystal clear.  Shortly after switching services and the switch being such an easy and pleasurable experience, we decided to become resellers to our customers.”

David M. Usher, President CMIT Solutions of Wilmington



“They have good products, they have good people, and they have very strong capabilities. All of which are critical to your success.”

Mark Essayian, CEO KME Systems




White Glove Support

"When we started servicing a new client (experiencing an ownership/company split and loss of their IT equipment and phone system), we had one week to implement new security, servers, networking equipment and a phone system! 

FreedomVoice reacted immediately to our request. Phones were ordered, the system provisioned, and we received a crash course in managing the phone system. End result: the new FreedomVoice phone system worked flawlessly! 

Implementing a phone system in just a week is amazing, and the customer continues to be thrilled with flexibility, features and reliability of their new FreedomVoice system. 

FreedomVoice is our preferred vendor for phone solutions and systems.” 

Ken Jones, President, CMIT Solutions of North Fulton

“Because of their guidance and training, my first system went off without a hitch. I had no issues and was able to answer/handle all concerns with the migration to FreedomVoice's platform. Thank you everyone!!!!”

Sean Rinehimer, MIS, Principal, Absolute Networking Solutions, LLC




“I am very excited by what went on in the call this morning. The white glove treatment on this deal is even more exciting due to the nature of how big this client can be for us overall, so I sincerely appreciate it and am getting more excited each day about going forward selling FreedomVoice.”

Michael A. Frieder, President, On Call Computer Solutions



The ULTIMATE Partner Program

“FreedomVoice has been a great partner to work with. Their marketing collateral and programs are easy to use and have helped us generate plenty of new opportunities to sell phone systems.”

Steve Colyar, Marketing Director, Key Methods 

“When I was considering FreedomVoice, what stood out to me was their understanding of recurring revenue and the advantages of their pricing model for their partners.   With no multi-year contracts and evergreen commissions with all active customers — it’s a win-win.

FreedomVoice truly wants you to understand the best way to deploy their product and to work with your customers to be successful."

Mark Essayian, CEO KME Systems

"We have found [FreedomVoice] to be a great resource for our local office. They have always provided us with exceptional service, while providing information that has helped us close business on a regular basis."

Sam Gupta, President, CMIT Solutions of Pittsburgh North



FREE Money – Easy as 1-2-3

“The FreedomVoice FREE Money program made it so easy to identify prospects and close deals that we’ve been able to quickly build a thriving voice business. In a two-month period we were able to add 4 new customers, and we’re still growing!”

Jay Crossley, Owner, Data Clinic

“The beauty of the FreedomVoice team is that they will help you market to potential customers with the FREE Money program. They will help you design a proposal solution appropriate for a specific customer, and they will help you implement the solution after the sale. Before we sell a product, we like to be a customer first. We are a customer and we offer FreedomVoice services to all of our customers.”

David M. Usher, President, CMIT Solutions of Wilmington


“The FREE Money program made it easy to get customers. All we did was ask for the phone bill from their existing voice provider, and FreedomVoice worked with us to find ways for them to save. With this simple approach, we’ve already added 2 new customers to our voice business!”

Jill AlJundi, VP of Operations, Pendello Solutions